The Strolling Dress
Serve your guests in fashionable style!

trolling_Langham-Boston_Fuchsia-Gold_fuchsia_fedora_with guests_1-20210708

Watch the wows as our hostess rolls in with dozens of cascading glasses (up to 100) of champagne, wine, sparkling waters, martinis, even dessert shots adorning her skirt!

On wheels, she can make a grand entrance **
and roll the event space or be stationary as The Centerpiece and focal point.

** specific width requirements of the entryway


Our Strolling Princess serving champagne in royal fashion
(see video below)

Delivery & Event Coordination New England -only

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Dress 2021-Champagne Princess_PVD_guests (2)
Dress_2021_Strolling Champagne Princess_Wedding_Bride & Groom with Sondi MOH_Cafe Nuovo PVD
Champagne-Dress-BostonEventGoToGuy_Fairmont-Copley Plaza-Staff-BG Gala
DRESS_3 PIC 2020
Champagne Dress_Hot Blue_Gosia_Yolanda commented_Part 1
Champagne Dress_2020_Copley_SM_Boston EventGoToGuy (5)
Strolling Skirt_Flapper55
  • custom-made bell-shaped skirt/dress
  • 100 glass max capacity
  • welded with flat bar metal
  • light-weight yet extremely strong/stable
  • easily rolls on 5 wheels
  • Dimensions: 41”H x 48” at its widest

and yes...THE GIRL does TWIRL!

Champagne Skirt_Black dress-77-mmr_BostonEventGoToGuy_


•champagne & wine •
• couture cocktails •
• dessert skirt w/ dessert shots •
• many other possibilities•

Once once-available
in the most fashionable cities
NY, Vegas, LA, Miami and now BOSTON

Exclusively-made for
The EventGoToGuy

Boston & beyond
New England MA, RI, NH

Champagne Skirt_Vegas_BostonEventGoToGuy_best 22-mmr_

or on display as
The Grand Centerpiece


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