champagne, wine & more
in fashionable style!

It's The WOW You Want!

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Champagne-Dress-BostonEventGoToGuy_Fairmont-Copley Plaza-Staff-BG Gala

Watch the wows (and the phones come out) when our strolling host rolls with cascading glasses of bubbly, champagne, prosecco, wine, sparkling waters and/or juices, even candy and/or dessert shots - adorning the skirt!

On wheels, making a grand entrance ** rolling the room or stationary as The Centerpiece!
** specific requirements apply


Delivery & Event Coordination New England -only

Strolling Dress_BostonEventGoToGuy_Akur-Love_WBoston©2021.AD.7945.038
Dress 2021-Champagne Princess_PVD_guests (2)
Dress_2021_Strolling Champagne Princess_Wedding_Bride & Groom with Sondi MOH_Cafe Nuovo PVD
DRESS_3 PIC 2020
Champagne Dress_Hot Blue_Gosia_Yolanda commented_Part 1
Champagne Dress_2020_Copley_SM_Boston EventGoToGuy (5)
Strolling Skirt_Flapper55
  • custom-made bell-shaped skirt/dress
  • welded with flat bar metal
  • light-weight yet extremely strong/stable
  • easily rolls on 5 wheels
  • Dimensions: 41”H x 48” at its widest

and yes...THE GIRL does TWIRL!

Champagne Skirt_Black dress-77-mmr_BostonEventGoToGuy_


•champagne & wine
juices •sparkling waters

• couture cocktails •
• dessert skirt w/ dessert shots •
• many other possibilities•

Once once-available
in the most fashionable cities
NY, Vegas, LA, Miami and now BOSTON

Exclusively-made for
The EventGoToGuy

Boston & beyond
New England MA, RI, NH

Champagne Skirt_Vegas_BostonEventGoToGuy_best 22-mmr_

or on display as
The Grand Centerpiece


Get in touch below and let's plan your event!