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Corporate Fun


The objective of most companies? Make it a great place to work.  A great culture with collaboration.   Work hard and produce the best work.  But add in a little time to destress, connect with your colleagues and play a little.

In the US, the average full-time company-employee works close to 1800-2000 hours annually. Let’s be honest: All work and no play can make for a dull, unhappy and unmotivated employee. It’s no secret, with productivity & employee retention high on the list (and a lot of competition), successful companies recognize the benefits to improving both the 'work environment' and the 'working relationship'. Sometimes to boost morale and give them a break.  And although compensation and benefits are two important factors, it’s the social environment, the group connection, the camaraderie that’s key.

Human Resources departments have always known togetherness and teamwork to be trademarks of success.  Schedule in quarterly “day-time/lunch-time/end-of-the-day” social events that are either structured with a “message of fun” or unstructured with no serious agenda other than to “just have fun”.  Give them a break and boost morale.  For a Creative Conversation, call Craig Sutton.

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Playing Games

THE PURPOSE: Get everyone social, involved and building as a team.  Here are a few fun ways we do this:

  • Corporate Trivia Game Shows. It's total team collaboration & Lots of Laughs
  • Game Show Mash-up: A Mix-up of your favorite game-show formats
  • Trivia Game Shows & Challenges
  • Game Stations where they can engage & socialize while they play

– For anyone who's smart, won every spelling bee or was ever called a Nerd-this is the game where its Hip To Be Square! The 'Big Words with Friends' Game

The purpose of all of this – of course, is to get your employees engaged in an environment where they can relax, play games, eat, drink, socialize or just hang out.

PICK YOUR GAMES (The EventGoToGuy can also make recommendations based on the details of your event:
– Casino Games
– Carnival Games
– Mixology
– Sports & Tailgating Game Room
– Trivia Game Shows & Game Show Mashups
– Additional Game Formats
– All Games are Facilitated

IMPORTANT NOTE: The type, number, and choice of games and challenges depend on a number of factors, starting with the group size, participants, event duration, budget, size of the room among others. Craig Sutton Entertainment will collaborate with you and make recommendations to help you find the right fit.

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