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DJ Craig Sutton

It's Your Party.
My Palette.

Its your my party. My palette.
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I've had the very special opportunity to develop full time and forever - a career as a professional DJ and emcee, and combine it with my background in event planning, management and the hospitality industry. 

Having acquired such an amazing amount of experience along the way, I want to share with you my understanding of the business, my philosophy as a DJ and my core values, working in partnership with my clients: 

Whatever the event, a large event, a gala, corporate, private, wedding, or a small birthday party.... No matter whose event it is, it's personal.  To you.  And yes, to me.
We've all heard the phrase: 'the DJ can make or break the event'.  Knowing the pressure to make each event successful, having the high-standards I do, even though its not technically-mine, I take each event personally.

Unfortunately when people hear DJ, (not knowing my experience) they sometimes think one or more of the following:

-The 'Cheesy' DJ ... The 'Loud, obnoxious' DJ... The 'I’m the show' DJ... The 'Reserved almost too-quiet' DJ... The 'Doesn’t know how to turn down the music' DJ

The 'Kid with a laptop full of music' DJ... The 'Rave' DJ... The 'EDM' DJ... The List goes on….

True. There are many- who are one or more of the above. And that’s why it’s so important to discover the ones who have the experience and take it seriously to make your event a success!

Pro DJs

  • Style the music to create the desired atmosphere and set the mood for each & every event.
  • READ-RECOGNIZE-RESPOND. Observe, intuitively-read and tap into the musical tastes of their guests
  • Understand and apply just the right amount of interaction on the microphone
  • Work in partnership with clients, event planners, venue managers and all event players to ensure a successful event.

Now, you might find it strange (even stupid) I even tell people ‘I’m hired all the time for events and NO ONE DANCES! ‘What? You’re a DJ and no one danced?’ Right! It depends on the event specs and the objectives.

A well-known resort in Chatham MA Cape Cod was having a pretty cool cocktail party and wanted me to set the atmosphere with music. The objective was to curate and style the music, in such a way to match the mood desired while keeping it as a background so people could hear and have conversations.  

The modern and well-rounded pro DJ is able to design and control the tempo of the music. Having a Live DJ in view enhances the experience, and like a knowledgeable bartender/mixologist creating cocktails- the pro DJ /music stylist blends & mixes with music and flavors. And the Atmosphere? Music sets it. Next time you’re in a boutique hotel or hip lounge, a restaurant, at a listen up. If it puts you in the right mood, it’s been done right.

And I promise, when I’m the DJ, I’ll be a good influence…..

  • Music influences
  • Music complements
  • Music motivates

So many weddings, corporate events, fashion shows, schools, retail events, upscale and/or relaxed in hotels, private homes, venues, theatres, malls, retail stores and race course. From Marblehead MA to the waterfront in Boston, Back Bay & Beacon Hill to Providence RI, to Chatham, Harwichport, Hyannis, the shores of Cape Cod, entertaining everywhere in New England.   

Get in touch below and let's plan your event!