‘Eye-Catching’.  The hope of anyone who has poured money into an exhibit booth at a trade show and waited… and waited… with fingers-crossed, hoping their investment pays off.  Remember, people walk & shop with their eyes, and with row after row and a bazillion booths, when everything looks the same, unless something grabs their attention; what are the chances they’ll walk into yours? Greatly reduced.

Cash grab

Adding ‘entertaining’ and ‘engaging’ to your ‘eye-catching’ efforts, triples not only the marketing power of your exhibit booth; the chances they’ll come in.  A perfect example for a traffic builder is our Prize Vault, also known as a Cash Grab (although you can put anything in there for prizes).  This is from the floor of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.  Seeing the air-blowing motion of the booth, and people grabbing for prizes gets people curious and motivates them to walk over. And when a crowd gathers, even more people are curious to see what’s going on, etc. etc.  Everyone is now within close proximity for you, your brand ambassadors and staff to speak-with and sell-to.
Interesting in maximizing your marketing investment?  Get in contact and let’s have a conversation about the power of trade show attraction!

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