For sales people, selling every day can be daunting, especially when it’s selling the same thing over and over, not to mention when it’s the same compensation. And when motivation and morale is low, not only do the employees not make money, neither does the company.

Adding in a sales challenge (and a fun one!) with the chance to win extra cash & prizes, (i.e. day off with pay, lunch on the company, a bottle of wine, etc.) wakes people up!  And its amazing to see everyone, not only get going, but seeing their moods change.  As an outside event company, from my vantage point- I’ve seen how different companies, and departments, even retailers and restaurants get their people pumped with the Boston Cash Cube (and its not just sales departments).  Human resources departments use it to boost employee morale.  Simply the chance to get in and win what’s in the booth gets people happy!

For more information on how the cash cube (I call it the prize vault) works, head to my Prize Vault page.
And if you need some recommendations on how best to tailor your sales incentives (i.e. how long does everyone get, how many vouchers, type of prizes, cash, etc.) get in touch!

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Craig Sutton The EventGoToGuy