I LOVE putting people under the influence.

Yes, I’m an enabler — but no, I’m not getting them drunk. I’m influencing their mood and it’s one of the most important responsibilities I have as a DJ.

There are so many different types of DJ’s (Radio DJ, Corporate DJ, Wedding DJ, Bar/Bat Mitzvah DJ, etc. And after so many years in the business full time, my experience in the business covers everything.

Unfortunately when people hear DJ, (not knowing my experience) they sometimes think one or more of the following:

  • Cheesy DJ
  • Loud, obnoxious DJ
  • I’m the show DJ
  • Reserved almost too-quiet DJ
  • Doesn’t know how to turn down the music DJ
  • Kid with a laptop full of music DJ
  • Rave DJ
  • The List goes on….

True. There are many- who are one or more of the above. And that’s why it’s so important to discover the ones who have the experience and take it seriously to make your event a success!

Pro DJs

  • Style the music to create the desired atmosphere and set the mood for each & every event.
  • READ-RECOGNIZE-RESPOND. Observe, intuitively-read and tap into the musical tastes of their guests
  • Understand and apply just the right amount of interaction on the microphone
  • Work in partnership with clients, event planners, venue managers and all event players to ensure a successful event.

Now, you might find it strange (even stupid) I even tell people ‘I’m hired all the time for events and NO ONE DANCES! ‘What? You’re a DJ and no one danced?’ Right! It depends on the event specs and the objectives.

A well-known resort in Chatham MA Cape Cod was having a pretty cool cocktail party and wanted me to set the atmosphere with music. The objective was to curate and style the music, in such a way to match the mood desired while keeping it as background so people could hear and have conversations.  

The modern and well-rounded pro DJ is able to design and control the tempo of the music. Having a Live DJ in view enhances the experience, and like a knowledgeable bartender/mixologist creating cocktails- the pro DJ /music stylist blends & mixes with music and flavors. And the Atmosphere? Music sets it. Next time you’re in a boutique hotel or hip lounge, a restaurant, at a listen up. If it puts you in the right mood, it’s been done right.

And I promise, when I’m the DJ, I’ll be a good influence…..

  • Music influences
  • Music complements
  • Music motivates

Craig Sutton is a freelance event & entertainment manager with a creative spectrum of ideas for corporate & private events and event marketing solutions in Greater Boston. And yes, he is also an experienced Pro DJ. Have an event and need some creative ideas? Contact Craig!